Finnate is India’s first omni-CRA integrated digital onboarding solution

PoPs, ready to digitise your consumers’ NPS journey?

The NPS is changing retirement for millions of Indians

The National Pension System (NPS) is a Government of India initiative aimed at creating a pensioned society. Its architecture comprises a Trust, three Central Recordkeeping Agencies or CRAs and service providers called Points of Presence or PoPs.

Finnate accelerates the NPS journey by 80% with investor PRANs in less than 5 minutes

Changing the NPS CX for consumers

PoPs face challenges in changing the NPS journey


PoPs are usually major banks, brokers, and stock-holding corporations. They can now deliver services to end-users and act as a conduit between Indian citizens (consumers), the CRAs, and thus the consumer experience (CX) of the NPS


an integrated approach, PoPs were constrained by:

Obstacles to interoperability and session data integrity due to differences in CRA data formats and API protocol.

Long offline process to switch CRAs

Time-intensive, expensive manual compilation of data from CRA portals

Delayed manual processing of payments and refunds for consumers.

Lack of integration that elongated response times and impacted ease of transactions.

Lack of visibility into consumer actions like drop offs, pain points, etc.

4 in 5 consumers prefer institutions with digital onboarding

Finnate is changing the NPS journey for PoPs and consumers

Cloud-native, transformative fintech platform Finnate provides
India’s first redirectional digital

NPS solution to seamlessly integrates all three CRAs for frictionless
consumer experiences

You can

Onboard anytime, anywhere with streamlined, digital onboarding.

Speed-up newer acquisitions

End-to-end data encryption for a fully secure onboarding process.

Gain flexibility with configurable workflows to design your process

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred tools

Reduce cost per acquisition with low drop-out rates

Stay compliant with regulations and KYC normal

Gain complete visibility of user actions

Enjoy fortified back-office capabilities

Access insights to improve CX


in 4 users never complete NPS registration
Finnate helps retain investors

Changing the NPS landscape for PoPs with proven benefits

Finnate enabled a PoP, and leading Indian insurance company, with digital onboarding for NPS consumers and never-before features like:

Integration of all three CRAs through a redirectional model solution.

Standardisation of disparate CRA data fields, ensuring interoperability, and digitisation of transactions like change of CRAs etc.

Easy consumer onboarding through 10+ external API identity integrations (i.e. Aadhar, CKYC) that also avoid duplication and fraud.

Minimised dropout rates with form progress saving and reminder alerts for registration completion.

Digitised fee collection during registration for revenue growth from one of India’s biggest investment programs.

Actionable consumer insights through incorporation of customisable MIS data analysis.

Data security and safety as per the mandated KYC/AML/CFT government regulations as well as vulnerability testing.

Increased freedom of choice in NPS journey, resulting in consumer satisfaction.

Access to a centralised, ID-verified database of potential investors across the country.

Ability to personalise services, increasing the odds of consumer retention and acquisition.

Changing your expections

Finnate is super scalable, hyper configurable, and ultra secure. It allows you to leverage a huge
database of validated NPS consumers and open the doors to mutual gains.


Finnate is a transformative platform designed to propel digitally ambitious banks, nonbanking institutions, and investment funds to the next level by enabling transformation away from outdated processes and systems to unleash a new era of speed and innovation.

Built on a proprietary zero-code platform with lego-like composable architecture, Finnate offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that are hyper-configurable, super-scalable, and ultrasecure for fast-tracking growth. Finnate is the definitive accelerator of seamless digital transformation for our customers, significantly shortening their journey to market leadership. It is turbo fuel for firms looking to not just keep pace but decisively outpace their peers.