Limits & Collaterals

Proactive management of limits and collateral risks for business lending institutions

Finnate Lending – Limits & Collaterals helps you manage risk and exposures of your Retail and SME lending and take informed decisions.


Limits Management

Handle limit variations factoring in customer, currency and parent product with multi-level limit structures.

Collateral Evaluation

Integrate with multiple external data sources for collateral evaluation, along with configurable pooling and apportioning of collaterals.

Access To Information

View all information on limits, collaterals, and covenants in one place.

Customer Assessment

Assess the viability of your customers on an ongoing basis with real-time, 360-degree-view of their credit position with collaterals from stocks to real estate, equipment, and more.

Real-time Insights

Make informed decisions with real-time pre-deal limit checks and visibility of facility lifecycle and performance.

Alerts And Notifications

Speed up your client servicing with quick alerts and notifications to relevant stakeholders on document movements and approvals.

Finnate Lending Limits & Collateral is a component of our flagship platform, Finnate. You can use just Limits & Collateral, the entire platform, or a combination of Finnate components that work best for you!

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