Finnate Alternative Investments

A purpose-built intuitive platform for a comprehensive view of investments. Increased performance and growth across alternative investments fund lifecycle– raising capital to distributing returns to investors.
Finnate – Alternative Investments is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that helps manage the entire alternative investment fund life-cycle – from raising capital to distributing returns to partners – all in one place.

A Single Platform To Manage The Entire Fund Lifecycle

Managing Investments Across Fund Types

Private Equity

Private Debt

Real Estate

Venture Capital

The Finnate Alternative Investments Advantage

Intelligent & Insightful

AI-enabled data extraction and credit assessment. Real-time business intelligence and insights. Maintains performance and exposure histories along with consolidated customer views.

Scenario & Workflow Builder

What-if scenarios to reveal the effects of proposed transactions on underlying exposures. Workflow builder to ensure compliance with internal controls.


Automated amortisation and tranche calculations along with complete distribution waterfall calculation. Built-in chart of accounts and automated general ledger postings!!

Multi-Asset Class Support

Supports multiple asset classes, including real estate, private equity and private debt.

Move From Complexity To Simplicity

Captures complex fund structures, fees, and terms. Calculates fund liquidity positions


Choose a combination of components that are right for your business.

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