Digitizing loan origination journeys with a zero code platform

The Digital Journey

If we go by the book, Fintech is loosely termed as a firm using technology in contrast to traditional financial methods to deliver financial services. At Finnate, we become that technology partner to accelerate the digital journey of financial firms. Since its inception, Originate started with a purpose to digitize the “Origination journey” in Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) and Commercial lending space– a comparatively less tapped market with opportunities to induce digitization. Originate, a highly configurable business process manager was designed to automate manual business processes, provide user management, perform analytics and manage traceability all under one product. Being a part of Finnate, it carries the innate capability to integrate with products in the suite to provide a seamless experience to end users.

During our market analysis of AIFs, we found that most of the firms have tightly knit small teams where the use of spreadsheets is prevalent and to a certain extent, “irreplaceable” as it is perceived. It’s simple, easy to manage and store, and thus, most loved. For shifting this spreadsheet-based process to the product, the task was to discover the answers to their “why” and devise the “how” through Originate.

Progressive configurations

As a product owner, it is imperative for us to help our customers understand the products and make the most out of it. To achieve this, we became a part of their journey to digitization. Working in an adaptive development process that combined progressive configurations and early feedback was the key for us to succeed. This approach helped us to understand the business, configure the right solution and enabled the teams to transition smoothly from the legacy spreadsheets to the product.

What’s next for Originate

With one success story under our belt, we are ready to take on more digitization journeys. We look forward to involving our end users in this journey from the start, and building the confidence to be “True Digital”! Originate- a zero-code platform and its configurable pre-built modules design workflow quickly and easily. The visual interface designer samples the process in minutes to identify the gaps. The drag-and-drop service layer modules provide means of customization for any process. It’s like the Lego blocks that let you try different combinations till you create the “perfect” model.

There is always a way to do it better, and we at Originate have found it.

Find out more about Originate at https://finnate.ai/finnate-alternative-investments/originate/


Supriya Joshi

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